Why Choose EEAS For Your Companies Nonsubscriber Services?

Experience – NO ONE HAS MORE

  •   Setup first nonsubscriber insurance program
  •   Prepares injury benefit plan documents and advises on claims with respect   to every major nonsubscriber insurance policy
  •   Designed and implemented hundreds of nonsubscriber programs
  •   Represents Texas’ largest nonsubscribing employers (over 50 with more   than 500 employees)
  •   Nonsubscriber feasibility studies conducted for five Fortune 1000   companies (some of which we recommended against nonsubscription)

Commitment – We’re committed to the nonsubscriber marketplace

  •   70% of firm revenues relate to nonsubscription
  •   Continuous quality improvement
  •   Ongoing support, training and auditing functions
  •   Frequent speeches, seminars, and articles
  •   Member and Multiple Award Recipient, Texas Association of Responsible   Nonsubscribers

Value – Fees below market for comparable resources

  •   Flat, hourly, per claim, contingent, percentage of savings, savings bonus or   other basis
  •   Value-added service packages for insurance placements

Resources – The Only Claims Company with an onsite integrated nonsubscriber consulting firm

  •   Experienced trainers/rollout professionals
  •   All adjusters are licensed "All Lines" claims adjusters
  •   Nonsubscriber and Workers’ Compensation, Disability, Life and Property   claims database and RMIS
  •   Full medical management resources

Successful Track Record – Over Eighteen Years of satisfied nonsubscriber clients

  •   Over $200 million in Occupational Program Client Savings
  •   Negotiated one-of-a-kind nonsubscriber insurance coverage terms with   multiple carriers
  •   Enrolled new nonsubscriber program in 2003 for 280 location employer in   just fourteen day’s
  •   Saved over $1 million during first year for an 800-employee distribution   company