Return-to-Life ProgramSM

Lost time means lost profits. Our Return-to-Life program provides an added coverage that can pay big dividends to employees and employers alike.

Even with the best Workers' Comp and Nonsubscription programs, the road to recovery can be longer than desirable. With EEAS Return-to-Life program, employers and employees no longer have to play the waiting game.

Getting an injured worker back to work, even with limitations, is critical to recovery. Staying active with transitional or light duty work is critical to the individual's return to a productive lifestyle with financial security and self-esteem. Here are the program highlights:

  • Cuts through any existing red tape and jump starts the return-to-work process within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Helps injured workers find responsible employment that matches their skills and ability to work as soon as practical.
  • Opens employment opportunities either with the injured worker's current employer or another company in need of their skills.
  • Helps employers control the costs associated with recovery and liability exposure.
  • Extends an employer's benefit exposure only to those individuals who follow the program's requirements.

EEAS is your source for this benefit that your company can't afford to be without!