Services Claims Administration Approach

Claims administration can equate to as much as 80% of your total insurance premium. When premium costs escalate, so do administration expenses. Responsible claim administration can help you cut those costs.

Most insurance carriers adjust claims. This system does not create the "personal connection" that is required of prompt and fiscally accountable service. Changing insurance carriers won't remedy the situation. The more productive solution is to arrange for individualized claim expertise.

Preferable Claim Administration Options

Companies who seek responsible claim administration have two options:

  1. Handle administration internally. This choice requires a thorough audit of all open claims, creation of procedures for handling claims, and training for employees responsible for this new duty.
  2. Outsource administration to a responsible service provider who will be held accountable for adhering to industry standards, knowing and applying the parameters of your policies, and meeting goals pre-established by you and the administrator.

Whichever option you choose, EEAS can help improve your claim administration.