Improving our Client's Bottom Line

Our attentive ear to our clients' needs enables us to provide targeted, productive solutions to everyday human resource and risk management challenges.

Our unique approach, prompt response, and thorough follow-through are unparalleled in today's business environment.

Listen to what our clients, agents, and vendors say about us:

Fortune 1000 Company

"I had no idea how much money we were losing letting a nationwide Case Management Company handle our Medical Bill Review Services. Not only does EEAS save us a ton of money with the medical bill review, but they do it in-house. The bill review process is accomplished 14 days faster than it had been in the past and providers get paid faster. When one of our employees walks through the door, they get pushed to the front of the line."

Statewide Nursing Home

"It is so refreshing to have partnered with a company that treats our money as if it were their own. When I'm at conventions with other Risk Managers, I always talk about how the commitment to excellence is always at the forefront of everything they do."

Law Firm

"You can talk about claims services till you're blue in the face, but the proof is in the pudding. EEAS does what they say they're going to do when they say they're going to do it. And when it comes to documentation, nobody does it better."

Insurance Agent (Medium-size firm)

"My client has become spoiled to the services that EEAS provides. Not to mention they have made the renewal process that much easier for me".

Insurance Agent (Within the Top-Five Largest Brokerage)

"I work too hard to gain my client's trust and I wouldn't trust my accounts to anyone other than EEAS. I've tried many different claims companies from small to big national firms, and quite frankly, I've been embarrassed too many times. No matter what I bring to EEAS, they help me get it done."

Nationwide Restaurant Chain

"Responsive, Responsive, Responsive. It's amazing, my questions are answered, my problems are solved, and my requests are fulfilled, all within my timeframe and with impeccable personalized service to boot."


"EEAS focuses so much on our twelve thousand members that they've received our vendor of the year award for the last four-years straight. This vote is individually voted on by our membership. Every year EEAS wins, hands down!"