About the Company

We strive to be the premier provider of customized claims management solutions. Our experience and dedication gives us the opportunity to provide you with world-class Employee Injury Benefit Programs and services at an affordable cost.

  • customer-focused programs
  • efficient quality driven
  • process design
  • support of our colleagues and partners to make excellent decisions on your behalf

Your employees are your Number One Asset! Your company's success is dependent on the commitment and productivity of your workforce. Your commitment to your people is evident in the mix of employee benefits you provide, and your Employee Injury Benefit Program plays a major role in that mix. We work on your behalf to support your workforce! Here's what we do for you:

  •   25 years of Claims Experience
  •   Recognized by AMBest as a Recommended Adjusting Firm
  •   Immediate investigation and documentation of all claims, no matter how   minor
  •   Complete and instant Online Access to ALL critical program data
  •   Client Specific Goals -- help set program goals and provide measurement   of results
  •   Provide Benchmarks for like industry class
  •   Wall Placards at each employer location listing employer-approved   occupational injury specialists...assuming the best possible care!
  •   Built-in Occupational Pharmacy Program...You save more money   without having to worry about Out-of-Pocket costs
  •   Industry Experience...Texas-wide diversity best explains our client base
  •   Licensed Claims Adjusters who focus on getting the injured worker the   medical treatment they need and the modified duty they deserve
  •   Over $200 million in occupational program savings!
  •   Over $2 million saved for an 800-employee company in it's first year.

Need more proof?  See what our clients and agents say about us.